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  • 1. What is a Consultation?
    A Consultation is a synonymous term for an office visit. Often times your primary care physician specifically asks for you to see one of our gastroenterologists to review a specific complaint or health concern you may have brought to their attention. Our physicians work and communicate with primary care physicians to be sure they are aware of our evaluation, treatment plans or next appropriate steps in providing your care.
  • 2. Do I need to bring anything with me for my appointment?
    We ask that you bring your insurance card, driver’s license, referral if you are required to have one by your insurance carrier and if possible, a completed Patient Registration form and Medical and Family History form to expedite your visit. If you have medical records from prior care received, this may be helpful as well.
  • 3. How do I make an appointment to visit one of the Digestive CARE™ physicians?
    To make an appointment with one of our Digestive CARE™ physicians, please call the phone number listed by their name or location on our website. You may also email the Care Center at the email address listed by the physician name on our website. If you are having difficulty locating a physician or need assistance, you may call our business office at (954)344-2522 for assistance.
  • 4. If I cannot make my scheduled appointment time, when do I need to cancel the appointment?
    We ask for your cooperation in providing us at least 48 hours notice of a necessary cancellation. This notice assists us in the efficient operation of our Care Centers.
  • 5. If I do not see my insurance listed on your website as accepted, will you still schedule an appointment with me?
    Digestive CARE™ is pleased to accept nearly all of the insurances available to members of the South Florida community. If by chance you are insured by a company not listed as accepted by Digestive CARE™, please contact us for an appointment and we will discuss our Financial Policy with you.
  • 6. What do I do to prepare for a procedure scheduled with my physician?
    At the time a procedure is scheduled with a Digestive CARE™ physician, you will be given specific instructions to prepare for your procedure. We ask that you carefully follow these instructions to avoid having to reschedule your procedure and to insure the best possible evaluation of your health during the procedure.

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